Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello World

The obligatory "Hello World" introduction--I know it well from programming class in college, and now I use it as my first step into the blogosphere. I've never had a blog before. It seems like such an enormous world out here. Who knows what compels people to place our thoughts out here in cyberspace, where any random visitor from the other side of the world might happen to pass by and see our opinions on everything from politics and religion to high school football...

My compulsion to blog comes from the desire to make concrete the various opinions that are always floating around in my head, to create some point of reference for any future attempts to clarify my positions on important issues, and maybe--just maybe--to enter into productive dialogue with at least a small portion of the World Wide Web. Perhaps that last desire is too far off for me to reach, but at least I can say I'm taking baby steps toward real action with regard to issues I care about.

And what might those issues be? Social justice, perhaps? The relation between faith and science? The philosphical foundation of mathematics? The state of education in our country? I suppose my whole agenda will become more coherent as I go. These "Hello World" introductions are never supposed to say anything substantial, anyway.

Still, there's something exciting about starting a body of writing that I can call my own. Although it may not be fit for press, yet here it is--published as a blog for all the world to see. What a world we live in.


  1. Well hello to you too, Jameson! An excellent beginning blog post. :) Your grammar is impeccable. :D

  2. Yay! I did convince you to start a blog--the very same day! I'll look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Anonymous: Jameson has always had impeccable grammar. That's why Jameson > Mel (even though she has a B.A. in English from a top 20 program!) =)

  3. im a business major grammar is irrelevant to me


  4. Sarah: I understand completely. The fiscal staff where I work don't know what a complete sentence is, let alone any of the other myriad facets of grammar.

    Then again, they laugh at me because I can't do even do math WITH a calculator. =P

    Thankfully there are superior people in this world like Jameson Graber who possess extraordinary skills in both math and grammar. If I were not able to compare myself to people such as the venerable Mr. P. Jameson Graber, how would I ever understand humility?


  5. whoa, let's not get carried away with our praise here! He's certainly not God...I can run circles around him (Jameson, not God) when it comes to...well, running. :)

  6. Facetiousness ... gotta love it! =D

    Is Jameson even aware that we've having this conversation about him on his blog? If not, we can say lots of nasty things about him rather than all this praise ... *giggles*


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