Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Washington and Lee on the Map

So I was excited to see that Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at my alma mater tonight. There's a nice little blurb about it at FoxNews. Ignore the faulty references to "William and Lee."

My girlfriend tells me Thomas has lots of connections with Washington & Lee. His son went to VMI (right next door) and married a girl from W&L. I don't have any citations on this, but this is a blog, not a journal article, so I don't feel bad putting that out there.

Anyway, I gotta say, that's a pretty top-notch speaker. Apparently Thomas doesn't normally accept invitations, but the girl (from W&L) who invited him had met him as a child!

You meet some important people at my alma mater.

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  1. yeah and Associated Press called us William and Lee, too.... :(


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