Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chuck Norris can fight crime--when he's not even there

This is simply the best story you'll hear all year:

A Croatian bakery has a unique way of keeping away burglars - Chuck Norris.

The bakery suffered from regular break-ins until it put up a life-sized photo of the Hollywood tough-guy, well-known for B-movie action classics like Delta Force and Invasion USA, reported.

The photo also has a sign, saying the shop is "under the protection of Chuck Norris".

Since putting up the photo one month ago, the bakery in the city of Split has had no burglaries.

A sales assistant at the bakery said the Chuck Norris photo started as a joke but "people seem to respect him", reported.

"Thieves haven't been anywhere near us for ages."

Burglars aren't the only ones fooled either - several customers have asked whether they can get Norris' autograph, the assistant told media.

"They really believe he is sitting in our storeroom out the back ready to pounce on any burglars."

How many Chuck Norris facts can you think of? Here's one to add to your list--and it's a true story! (Note: I have not verified the credibility of this story.)

Also, since my blog is usually about ideas, I couldn't help but mention that these days Chuck Norris has gone from fighting bad guys in movies to fighting liberalism with opinion columns. That might be one reason for me to still vote Republican--I mean, if Chuck Norris says so, what you can say to that?

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