Saturday, January 23, 2010

Young pro-life activists

As if to clarify my point from earlier, a pro-choice opinion column from the Washington Post just came out reflecting on the high number of young people at the March for Life on Friday. It's not hard to see why this would be scary for pro-choicers. Yes, young pro-lifers are excited and adamant about the issue of abortion.

It's encouraging to see the mainstream media get nervous about this issue. Finally, someone is listening. I guess that means I might as well keep blogging, letting all of you out there know, this movement is here to stay.

My hope is that as pro-choicers encounter young pro-life activists, they'll begin to realize that our reasons for being pro-life have nothing to do with maintaining traditional gender roles, trying to attack feminism, or trying to convert the nation to our religion. Once all these false stereotypes are cleared away, and people start hearing the real message, I feel confident that one day, we pro-lifers will have the victory.

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