Saturday, November 13, 2010

What she's really thinking

From The Guardian:
What I'm really thinking: The abortion patient

There isn't a choice: I am an unemployed recent graduate barely able to afford the pregnancy test, with a boyfriend on bar wages. But after the scan, I want the nurse to find some unfathomable medical reason why termination isn't an option, so I'd be justified in keeping a child I don't want to lose but can't really provide for.


This is the "right thing to do", as almost everyone has advised. Hopefully soon I can focus on a career and creating the right circumstances eventually to have a child. But the due date for this baby is seared into my mind now. I won't ever be able to forget it.

Yet another example of an honest expression of need. This is why people like Frederica Mathewes-Green write books like Real Choices. This is why, even in the midst of all the intense controversy, people should still care about the abortion issue, ideally in a compassionate way.

One reader points out in the comments:
This is playing right into the hands of the anti-abortion lobby, or the "pro-forced-pregnancy" lobby as I prefer to call them. They put a lot of stock in the "abortion is a terrible tragedy and so traumatic" narrative. For some women it is, for a variety of reasons, and for some it isn't.

What other "choice" is defended so vehemently by downplaying all the pain it causes to those who choose it?

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