Thursday, December 30, 2010

True Grit and the grace of God

I highly recommend seeing the Coen brothers' new film, True Grit. Then, after watching it, I highly recommend this review of it in the New York Times. I especially enjoyed this summary paragraph:
The new “True Grit” is that rare thing — a truly religious movie. In the John Wayne version religiosity is just an occasional flourish not to be taken seriously. In this movie it is everything, not despite but because of its refusal to resolve or soften the dilemmas the narrative delivers up.


  1. Ryane and I saw this last night because I'm a Coen Bros. junkie. I'm gonna have to watch it several more times to fully see what all is there, I think.

    You've seen No Country For Old Men and A Serious Man, of course?

  2. Have not seen A Serious Man, but I'll check it out if I get a chance.

  3. This is their philosophical/theological follow-up to "A Serious Man," I believe. It hinges on many of the same spiritual themes and takes us closer to the conclusion that we cannot reach either justice or grace, we only stumble forward in the night, a great poison in our veins, wearing out the horses on which we ride, and leaning on arms we never fully understand.

    I thought this film was beautiful.


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