Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ron Paul flip-flops!

I found it! There is one issue on which Ron Paul has actually changed his mind: the death penalty. Check it out:

I would have to say I agree with him...


  1. There are many more flip flops for Ron Paul than just this one. There is evolution, Don't Ask Don't Tell, he was a Republican and then a Libertarian, then a Republican, and the border patrol.

  2. I've heard vague murmurings about Ron Paul on the evolution issue, but no one has made it clear what difference this makes. As for Don't Ask Don't Tell, I wasn't aware Paul had changed his mind. As for the Republican/Libertarian/Republican "switch," being a member of a political party is not a matter of principle. Ron Paul has always been a libertarian in his political philosophy, and it makes no difference which party he happens to join, except in terms of political expediency. As for the border patrol, that's an interesting point. How do you think he has flip-flopped? I am certainly more in favor of open borders than Paul, and I would criticize him on this issue more than any other.

    In general, you're grasping at straws to find ways that Ron Paul has "flip-flopped," in a political climate in which politicians routinely change their fundamental commitments for the sake of gaining popularity with a certain constituency. Ron Paul's overall message has been remarkably consistent for 30 years.

    1. yes but his character is squat. If his principles lay with Libertarians then why does he cloak himself as a Republican at election time? Because even he knows he will, as no one else has ever won a major election as a Libertarian! Just like Gary Johnson who switched to be a Libertarian because he couldn't beat Romney in the primaries. They are fickle minded people who say one thing and then run cloaked as another. I hold all to that Lieberman, Spector etc. The only one that I do feel was a true change in principles is Reagan and that is manifested in his own words prior to changing from Democrat to Republican before he ran for Gov of CA. His mindset was a conservative one, however Democrats left the conservative principles for liberal ones.


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