Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Personhood Fairy

SecularProLife has come out with a hilarious new idea for a comic blog: The Personhood Fairy. Perhaps it is based on this post from the SecularProLife blog:
"At no point in the human lifetime does a Personhood Fairy magically endow us with rights."
SecularProLife needs to get more attention. Despite rather famous examples of pro-life atheists, the public perception is still that abortion is a "religious issue" for conservatives and a "women's rights issue" for liberals. We should be grateful to have an all-inclusive organization framing the debate in terms of science and the rule of law.

"The Personhood Fairy" also proves that one can take a secular pro-life stand with confidence. It's only fair that we poke fun of the logical inconsistency of the other side. Humor also disarms the other side. Far too often the pro-life movement evokes such deep religious tones that everyone in the room feels uncomfortable, even those of us who are pro-life.

So go check it out. And if you live near Charlottesville, VA, come see Kelsey Hazzard speak at UVA on Thursday.

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