Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Life of Julia

In case you're not up on your politics, here is the link to Obama's new gimmick:
And I quote:
"Take a look at how President Obama's policies help one woman over her lifetime--and how Mitt Romney would change her story."
This truly blows my mind. Is this what Americans really want? Is voting really an act of choosing which manager would be better suited to make our personal lives better, from cradle to grave? There is nothing "progressive" about this. Inculcating Americans with the idea that we can't live without the all-powerful government is not "liberal." Liberalism is supposed to be about freedom. It's supposed to be about limiting arbitrary power and unleashing the potential of the individual. What would be "progressive" is if we could truly imagine a world in which we didn't have to bring all our gifts before the altar of the state in order to make life better for ourselves and one another.

What happened to liberalism, that it now boasts of such wretched ideas? Is Barack Obama the people's monarch? Is that what we do when we vote? Are we electing our king?

Fortunately, there is at least one good response out there:

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  1. You are absolutely correct on your assessment of the current state of Liberalism today. I would love to see a Paul version of the events, but I don't think there is enough room for lessons in History and Economics.


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