Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, the horror

Here's CNN whining about how not every radical is a left-wing radical:

*sniff* *sob* Poor little CNN reporter. The evil right-wingers are so mean.

What's incredible to me is how liberals utterly fail to remember anything about American history (not to mention consider the feelings of many Americans today) when they can't see how taxes have anything to do with liberty.

There may be a lot wrong with Republicans these days, but these conservatives have guts, you know? They may not be the kind of sophisticated intelligentsia that liberals drool over, but there's something about them that uniquely captures the American spirit.

Happy Tax Day, everyone.


  1. NOT FAMILY VIEWING?!??! Excuse me???? And the video on the CNN home page yesterday (that had run on air earlier!) talking about Burger King's "I like square butts" ad WAS family viewing? MMm hmmm .... How many flagrant violations of their own logic as presented here do I see each and every day ... *sigh*

  2. Hey, Jameson, how did I not know you have a blog?! This CNN woman really ticks me off - since when do reporters argue with protesters? Only when they are conservative, I guess. Ridiculous!

  3. Hey Alexa! Good to hear from you. :) I guess you didn't know I had a blog because I didn't tell you very directly. I linked to your blog, though. Hope you don't mind. :)


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