Monday, April 13, 2009


So I've added an RSS feed to my blog, so that you can listen to sermons from my church in Charlottesville, Trinity Pres. I thought I'd highlight yesterday's Easter sermon, which was fantastic.

There's a lot more to Easter than just this tradition that long ago a man named Jesus rose from the dead. The whole point of Easter is that this Resurrection is a foreshadowing of what life, the world, and even the whole universe is really about--redemption, glorification, new creation.

Incidentally, a friend and I were at the Mellow Mushroom when John Lennon's Imagine came on. He asked me if I took offense at the song--"imagine there's no heaven" and all that. I said I don't exactly agree with the song, but there's something to be appreciated about it.

After all, imagine if heaven weren't simply a destination. Imagine heaven coming down to earth. That's what Easter is all about. I suppose John Lennon didn't quite get it, but he might've been closer than a lot of us, after all.

It's a busy time of year for me in grad school... not much time for blogging. But I will be back more often when I have some free time. Soon enough...

*Edit: incidentally, the Easter sermon hasn't been posted, so if you were hoping to hear it right away, I guess you'll have to wait a few days.*

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