Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walk for Life 2010 Pictures

This morning's Walk for Life in Charlottesville was a big hit. As promised, here are some pictures I took.

The event was actually quite a big to-do. There were large balloons marking out the walk site, as well as clowns to greet people coming in. There was also a bouncy castle for kids to play in.

Is that dog wearing a fire helmet?

Anyway, we started off inside a pavilion where we turned in our donation forms and grabbed some breakfast. They had Dunkin Donuts, Bodo's Bagels, chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A, bananas from Whole Foods (which were Fair Trade certified--I checked), lots of baked goods from Food Lion, and coffee from Shenandoah Joe's. Seriously folks, someone did an excellent job soliciting donations from local businesses.

(If you've never considered Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, think again! Those chicken biscuits were SO GOOD OM NOM NOM.)

Entertainment was also provided by CHoosE, UVA's Christian a cappella group. They sang about how God is like, so amazing, and stuff. :)

There was also, of course, a nice display showing us how important the pregnancy centers are.

That second picture shows model fetuses at 7, 8, 9, and 10 weeks.

After getting a little motivational talk from the director of the event...

...we started on our way!

My church was represented near the front of the walk. Here's our sign!

The leader of the Walk for Life was none other than Miss Albemarle!

I got to meet and talk with Miss Albemarle's mother, Tammy. She is the youth pastor at Northridge Community Church in Charlottesville. She's been involved with the pregnancy center in Charlottesville for many years as a volunteer and supporter. We had a nice chat while enjoying the walk, for which we had perfect weather this morning.

After we finished the walk, I asked Tammy nicely if she would take a picture of me with the prize I got for raising over $500--a new t-shirt (of course) as well as a $50 gift certificate to The Melting Pot!

At last, with our walk complete, we settled in to wait for the others to finish.

Finally, we all got back into the pavilion to hear the prizes announced for most funds raised. I have to say, there was quite a diverse allotment of businesses that contributed prizes.

That's Applebee's, Arby's, Ben and Jerry's (how'd they pull that off?), Bonefish Grill, Burger King, Carmello's, Carmike Theater, Cheeseburger In Paradise, Chick-Fil-A, Cville Coffee, Golden Corral, Guadalajara, Lemon Grass, McDonald's, The Melting Pot (that's what I got!), Qdoba, Perfection Nails, Putt-Putt Mini-Golf, Sam's Club, Smoothie King, Splendora's Gelato Cafe, Take-it-Away Sandwich Shop, Target, Timberwood Grill, Vinny's NY Pizza & Pasta, Virginia Discovery Museum, and Wood Grill. And the Grand Prizes were donated by Massanutten Resort and Wintergreen Ski Resort.

Again--someone did a really good job at soliciting donations.

When they announced the top fundraisers, my camera started to flake out on me. So I didn't get pictures of the winners, but I can tell you this much. The First Place winner raised nearly $16,000. She admitted that she actually raised about $8,000, but then her parents' business matched that. Still, $8,000 is pretty phenomenal. Second Place raised around $4,000, and Third Place actually only about $750. I was actually pretty close to Third, but pathetically far off from First. Also, the top youth fundraiser raised about $1,200. Pretty good for a 14 year-old.

So that was my morning. Although most of the people at the walk weren't necessarily the hippest, coolest people in Charlottesville to spend your Saturday morning with, they were really the most kind-hearted, sincere, God-fearing folks who just want to save babies and help women in need. And there were lots of little kids there, too, which is always encouraging.

Thanks again to all those who sponsored my walk. A little contribution goes a long way to help people in need. Thank you.


  1. What?? You didnt get in the bouncy castle and have fun?

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