Monday, June 7, 2010

Thoughts on N. T. Wright's book on Justification

I'm almost finished with N. T. Wright's Justification: God's Plan and Paul's Vision. Just a couple of observations tonight. Reformed types who are so up in arms about Wright's views have apparently missed the fact that there can't be any stronger defense of "Covenant Theology" than this book. Honestly, before reading this book I'd never encountered an argument for justification by faith that actually made the whole Bible make sense.

In a lot of ways, N. T. Wright reminds me of John Calvin, in the following sense. He combines 1) a steadfast devotion to the authority of Scripture; 2) a towering intellect and an immense scholarly understanding of the Bible; and 3) a passionate desire to defend 1) using 2), making no compromises to the traditions of men. This book on Justification brings out the most polemical, the most exasperated, and the most passionate I've ever read from Wright. Reading it alongside the Institutes, it's hard not to see the similarities with Calvin's writing. Those who live under constant assault are bound to launch back at some point or another.

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