Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More on health care and bureaucracy

Dr. Donald P. Condit writes in The Detroit News:
The sugar-coated rhetoric from HHS cannot disguise the bad medicine in this part of the Affordable Care Act, which intends to bureaucratically cut as much as $960 million in Medicare spending over three years. This Obamacare prescription threatens patients, the physicians who care for them, and the common good.

The only clear winners are the consultants and lawyers busy trying to decipher this 429-page tome.

Medicare beneficiaries will be "assigned" to 5,000 patient-minimum organizations to coordinate their care. While HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius talks about improvement in care, the politically poisonous truth is that Medicare is going broke and ACOs are designed to save money.

The words "rationing" or "treatment denial" or "withholding care" are not part of her press release, but reading the regulations reveals intentions to "share savings" with those who fulfill, or "penalize" others who fall short of, the administration's objectives. The administration's talking points include politically palatable words that emphasize quality improvement and care enhancement when the real objective is cost control by a utilitarian calculus.
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