Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walk for Life 2011

I have failed in the past few weeks to begin raising support for the Walk for Life, which will be here in Charlottesville next Saturday morning, April 16. That leaves me about ten days to raise as much money as I can. Last year I gathered $500 in support; I'm hoping I can do something similar this year, in spite of my limited amount of time.

The Walk for Life is a fundraiser for the Pregnancy Centers of Virginia, which supports women through difficult pregnancies. See my post from last year for my full spiel. And while you're at it, check out my pictures from last year to get a taste of the event itself.

If you know me personally and/or trust me with your information, just send me an e-mail, facebook message, etc. with your mailing address and an amount you want to pledge (this isn't per mile or anything, you just donate whatever you want). The Pregnancy Centers will kindly send you a bill in the mail to ask for the money you pledged.

Alternatively, you can donate via my ChipIn page. I will donate whatever funds I receive via ChipIn to the Pregnancy Centers of Virginia. This is for people who like to get things done electronically.

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention a certain other supporter who is walking for life. I plan to sponsor her, so you can feel free to throw in your support for her, as well.

This is the one time per year I will use my blog to solicit donations, I promise; but I'm hardly being inconsistent. This blog is all about making the world a little better in my own tiny way. I can't help but ask for some support in that.

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