Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beating Leftists at their own game

Over at Mother Jones, they're wondering whether pro-life activists are finally succeeding at making Kansas the "first abortion free state" (since Roe v Wade, of course). The article is here. What's interesting is how they're doing it. How do you get a business to shut down without actually making it illegal? Regulate it, of course:
Back in April, the state legislature passed a law directing the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to author new facility standards for abortion clinics, which the staunchly anti-abortion GOP governor, Sam Brownback, signed into law on May 16. The law also requires the health department to issue new licenses each year, and it grants additional authority to health department inspectors to conduct unannounced inspections, and to fine or shut down clinics.


The new requirements require facilities to add extra bathrooms, drastically expand waiting and recovery areas, and even add larger janitor's closets, as one clinic employee told me—changes that clinics will have a heck of a time pulling off by the deadline. Under the new rule, clinics must also aquire state certification to admit patients, a process that takes 90 to 120 days, the staffer explained. Which makes it impossible for clinics to comply. And clinics that don't comply with the rules will face fines or possible closure.
There's a sort of poetic justice here, in that the one business for which the Left will offer up a libertarian defense feels the crushing grip of government intervention.

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