Monday, August 8, 2011

Omar al-Bashir is at it again

If the genocide in Darfur was not enough, now Omar al-Bashir is dropping bombs on South Kordofan. According to the BBC,
Although South Kordofan is north of what will soon be the international border [between Sudan and the newly formed South Sudan], it is home to many pro-south communities, especially in the Nuba Mountains, some of whom fought with southern rebels during the long civil war.
In other words, the North-South conflict is sadly not over.

The Save Darfur Coalition has released a video calling us to action:

You can take action through this link:

The political blog-o-sphere is full of chatter about very complicated, subtle issues, such as economics, climate change, and health care. This issue, by contrast, just isn't that complicated. A nation that cannot find peace under its own government is a nation deprived of basic justice. The only question is whether our leaders are willing to do anything about it. See the link above for more details.

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