Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life Matters Journal Fall 2011

Via Secular Pro-life, here is a journal dedicated to pro-life issues from a broader perspective. Here's a brief description:
A journal dedicated to open discussion on all topics of human life and dignity, in an environment free of any one particular political or religious flavor.
I found Nicholas Neal's article on a consistent life ethic helpful, especially coming from someone in the university pro-life movement. The success of the pro-life movement on college campuses absolutely depends on its ability to inspire idealism and attract committed activists. These students are less likely to be conservative, at least in temperament, and more likely to reject the status quo on issues like the death penalty and interventionist foreign policy. And I think that point of view is worth considering.

Personally I think Nicholas is spot on. Many pro-lifers will be inclined to disagree, but they might find his argument persuasive. Read it!

There is certainly room for this publication to develop, but this is a great start. I simply don't know of anything else of its kind.

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