Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What if the people wake up?

There has been more than one attempt on Youtube to make this speech into a sensation. I like the style of this video:

If this speech doesn't get your blood boiling, you aren't paying attention.

"What if Christianity actually teaches peace?"

It's hard for me to hear those words without realizing my own need for repentance. I'm sorry to say I was once pretty much sold on the neo-con rhetoric. I once voted for Bush. I once thought the war in Iraq was necessary. I once had no idea how much was being spent on the military each year. I once had no idea how many military bases we had around the world. I once had no idea that we paid billions of dollars to train Osama bin Laden and support the Taliban. I once had very little awareness of how many times in the past several decades we have ousted democratically elected leaders around the world and put puppet dictatorships in their place. I once had no idea how easily fear leads people to support evil. I once believed that war could lead to peace. I once believed that good people would do the right thing.

When exactly did I wake up? I don't know the answer to that. Sometimes I feel like I'm still in a fog, like those mornings I wake up and wonder if I'm still dreaming.

I don't know if all of our military interventionism has been based solely on lies. But I'm quite certain that whatever the reasons really are, we're still wrong.

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